When someone opens your shareable link and views the content, we will store the following information:

  • The IP address

  • The approximite location (based on the IP address)

  • Which browser was used (type and version)

  • Which device was used (type, brand and model)

  • Which operating system was used

All tracking information we store when someone clicks on your link is derived from the IP address en user-agent header of the incoming request.

While this is quite accurate, please keep in mind this information can be faked when someone uses a VPN for example.

However, we do believe that this provides you with enough information to be able to determine whether or not your secret has been shared with the right person.

No. The way data is stored and accessed on Seefli differs too much from the way a password manager handles its data. The sole purpose of this web application is sharing sensitive data in a way that is quick, easy to use and gives you insights in who is clicking on the links you've sent.

Yes. If you go into your personal account, you'll see an item "Default settings". On that page, you'll be able to set a default expiration date (ex. 3 days from creation) and an open limit (ex. 3).